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It starts with Steve and Loki and just gets so much bigger from there.

Long story short; M2BE & Gnutmeg were playing Loki & Steve in a game that died but decided to keep playing, so we turned it into a story of sorts.

because i do truly think she’s amazing im not a huge fan by any means, i just like her and her music. ~ :) that’s cool i have an n64 with both zelda games and a gamecube with the entire zelda decology in my bedroom what do you think of the word ‘emo’? x D hahaa i’m not that innocent :3BUtt no i haven’t!! unless i was with friends who were all there to laugh Haha, I tried to read Cell by Stephen King, but after some guy bit the ear off a dog in the like first 5 pages.

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Hes referred to himself as they and she plenty of times, but never by others.

He’s simply been Dark since his creation, so him being comfortable with it is just a theory.

On a muggy night a few days after the riot Astere meets Noah and the two are confronted by the things that separate them but also the things that bring them together.

My 2017 Nano, hoping posting it here will cause me to finish it Think of it as an over complex 'soap opera' style fic featuring the Avengers and many other Marvel friends.

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