Intimidating or ugly pyrex glass dating

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Put that on top of his ability to rob any other point guard in the league of the ball and his killer defense, and you have one intimidating little guy.

Intimidating Quality: Clutch, confidence Reggie Miller may have never won a title, but he was confident in his own ability and his ability to perform with the game on the line.

He had the same demeanor when he was a player, but he also played shooting guard like a linebacker, refusing to give up an inch on defense.

Intimidating Quality: Craziness If there is one thing you can say about Latrell Sprewell, it's that he was crazy, and at his peak, he was the craziest player in the league.

The thing that makes AI even more frightening is that he knew how good he was, and he knew how far he could push his talent.

Intimidating Quality: Craziness, physicality Vernon Maxwell punched a fan before Ron Artest made it cool to punch a fan.

His most notable moment came when he saw that he wasn't going to get a rebound over Chris Kaman, so he reached between his legs and tugged on Kaman's boys.

This is the man that once choked his coach because he told him to "put a little mustard" on a pass.

Yeah, it's safe to say that you were never sure what this guy was going to do.

I would say that's enough to say that a single player is crazy enough to make the guy defending him wonder every now and then what he might do to him if he gets into "fan punching" mode again.

Intimidating Quality: Size, physicality Look at Bob Lanier as an old man.

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