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FARID AZOVIA - Champion of Kazahstan, Champion of Asia, CH Asia Winner -2015. Dogshow rank CACIB, expert Sergey Maliy HALIF AZOVIA - , I October 03, 2015. Dogshow rank CACIB, expert Gia Giorgadze HALIF AZOVIA - , IB, September 13, 2015. Dogshowrank CACIB DNEPR-DOG-SHOW , expert Jurate Butkiene HALIF AZOVIA - , IB, BOB September 05, 2015.

Sochi, International Dogshow, expert Robert Mrochko FARID AZOVIA - , CACIB, , 20 . FARID AZOVIA - CAC, CACIB, , , , 2- June 26-27-28, 2015, Kazahstan, Dogshow rank CACIB "Asia Winner-2015".

After organizing a private meeting to show off her new choreography, she knows exactly how to play it.

After getting up close and personal with her private dance show, the situation takes its natural course and she ends up in the bedroom showing off more than a few hot moves. Dominika Dark And Tina Kay - Festive fuck from Miss Santa Claus It's Christmas Time and Dominika Dark is sitting by the tree waiting for Miss Santa Claus Tina Kay to come bring her some presents!

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All-Russia Dogshow of all breeds "Ozernyj Kray-2014". Regional Dogshow of all breeds « - 2014 » FARID AZOVIA- excellent, CW, , , , BOB October 12, 2014. Regional Dogshow of all breeds : « - 2014 » FARID AZOVIA- excellent, CW, , , , BOB We congratulate to owner! Pereguda ULZAN-ABEL'GAYAZ AZOVIA - J., Best Junior Male We congratulate to owner! Belarus, Minsk, "Zima Belarusi 2014" Expert: Luis Pinto Teixseria (Portugal) OMAR AZOVIA - . Belarus, Minsk, "Cup of Belarus 2014" Expert: Kornelia Butrimova (Lithuania) OMAR AZOVIA - , CACIB, BOB Champion Belarus, Grand Champion Belarus, Inter Champion We congratulate to owner Lesya Tkachenko! FCI-CACIB "GOLDEN PECTORALE -2016" TSAR GVIDON AZOVIA - , CCIB, S, Best Male . FCI-CACIB "GOLD OF SCYTHIANS -2016" TSAR GVIDON AZOVIA- , CCIB, Best Male . FCI-CACIB "SOPHIA OF KYIV -2016" TSAR GVIDON AZOVIA-, CCIB, Best Group 2 - 5th from more than 20 dogs. XIII THE INTERNATIONAL MAIN ALL-UKRAINIAN SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION OF DOGS rank Club Champion results of our children and grandchildren: IDEYA IT-KIENE BAG DAN (Omar Azovia x Vale It-Kiene Bag Dan) - excellent 1, C. C, Best Female, Club Champion TSAR GVIDON AZOVIA - 2 excellent, SHAN-SHOHRAT AZOVIA (Haz-Bulat Azovia * Eseniya Azovia) - Big Perspective . ULZAN ABELGAYAZ AZOVIA (Open class) - , second on comparison on Best Male. - SHAN SHOHRAT AZOVIA - Big perspective 1, Bbest Male Puppy September 12, 2015. Brankovich HALIF AZOVIA (Champion class) - , Best Male, BOB! - RASUL HAN AZOVIA- Best Male, BOS, Breed Champion! Dogshow rank CAC, expert Augustin Ionescu HALIF AZOVIA - , Best Junior, JUNIOR GRAND CHAMPION!!!

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