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Odds are, most of them won't resemble the smoking husks they were built on at all, unless it was a Cosy Catastrophe.

A downplayed version of this trope can include mentioning this in the fiction's history, but never really going in over overt detail of it. government, but its control over the country is massively weakened, this can overlap with Vestigial Empire and is usually Fallen States of America.

Unfortunately unsightly destruction of the planet due to corporate greed is viewable from outer space as well.

Most of us living in metropolitan areas in China , United States and Canada are familiar with the daily sight of chemtrails and chemclouds which look far different from cloud formation known to us in the past.

In order to be able to identify a large number art styles easily, you are going to have to be able to understand the role physical geography plays in the arts. Political Maps are about Political Geography human imposed features.

Political maps will not be of use here because foreigners (in this case Europeans) who had no understanding of people and their culture imposed boundaries that did not work. They show the boundaries of countries made by humans and other human carved features concerning human interest. It used to be that only the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China were viewable from space, but that is no longer true.

In Africa physical geography plays a huge role in the development of human culture and its people.

The pictures and green tool bar will take you to different pages. People interested in using material for art appreciation and art history may find it very useful.

A Sub-Trope of Different States of America and Balkanize Me. Given the high potential for Flame Bait, please observe the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment when adding Real Life examples.

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For whatever reason, the country now consists of many smaller nation-states.

As a bonus, your Hollywood Atlas will seem a lot more authentic. If you have trouble with the concept of a Balkanized America, consider the 38-state Union imagined by C.

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