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I have to be honest with you, I felt humbled to be having a conversation with Vashti not just because of the topic which deals with cancer that I'm sure many families out there can relate to, but also about the hope, the optimism, the inspiration that this docu offers. This is a movie that is a kind of labor of love and it’s taken enormous amount of work with the support from the international fans and the fans fundraiser kickstarter to actually bring it to alive.

And so in terms of distribution and getting it out there, we wanted to do that in such a way that it would reach far and wide as possible, so the strategy around that took more time to plan and then put into action than a normal way of putting it out there, I believe." Rama's Screen: This one's a bit of a multiple part type question.

Why did you and Andy decide to document this struggle through this disease?

And how did director Lilibet Foster come into this project? Vashti Whitfield: "When we found out that Andy was in fact still had cancer and he was no longer in remission, he very much wanted to use this part of his life and a journey to do something more purposeful with it.

Whitefield was the graduate of Sheffield Hallam University earning his degree in engineering.

He was also seen in the television series, Opening Up.He was also finally able to complete his graduation from there and then in 1999 he moved to Australia with his parents and future wife.Edit Whitfield met love of his life Vashti Whitfield while he was in London and the two began their love affairs since then.He gained worldwide recognizance after starring in the television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Edit Born as Andy Whitfield in Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom to Pat Whitfield and Robert Whitfield, Andy was raised in the upper middle class family.Edit After completing his high school education, he began studying engineering as the Sheffield Hallam University.

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