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Besides, the Schema world allows creation of user-defined data types.

It is fait accompli that almost every programmer devotes about 50 to 70 percent of his time in determining whether the data he/she is dealing with, is in the right format or not.

Schema namespace contains the XML classes that provide standards-based support for XML Schemas definition language (XSD) schemas.

There are two prominent features of the XML Schema world.

When the HTTP request comes from the client, it is handled by aspnet_

August 14, 2002 Joe Feser This article is meant to help XML developers understand the different ways XSLT transformations can be performed using the . It alsos describe how to use various input sources for an XSLT transformation. NET, the // Load the String into a Text Reader System.

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Close(); // Write the Results to the Console Console.

Xsl Transform(); // Load the Xml Reader Style Sheet into the Transformation trans.

Add Extension Object("urn: Say Hello",hi); // Create the System.

XPath Document("numbers.xml"); // Create the Xml Text Writer to output to the console.

Transform(doc, null, writer); // Be careful when using the console, // closing it will not allow you to write any // additional information to it writer.

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